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Rescue Stories

Sadly there are many reasons why a Cavalier is placed in rescue. The owner may have died; or a relationship has broken down; a hasty purchase; owners at work with the dog left all day; behavioural issues; no time for the dog with family commitments; etc. Then there is the problem of puppy farms where they just want to get rid of the older breeding stock.

Cavaliers love people and company; this is what brings out the very best in this wonderful breed. In an article in Country Life magazine (Nov.2019), the breed was described as "like a sticking plaster". They settle very well into a new home, given the love and attention they crave.

For example, Woody. He was purchased on impulse by a family whose young boy wanted a puppy. The child soon became bored with Woody. Then when the parents' marriage broke and down the wife went back to work, Woody was left by himself all day, every day, in the porch of the back garden. He had no toys or interest in life; he amused himself by trying to catch flies. When he was rescued he was in a poor condition, very depressed and full of fleas. After a few weeks in a foster home, where he fully recovered and discovered the joys of life, he then went to his forever home. He shares his new home with another Cavalier and they are best friends.

In another rescue, the owner had sadly died and with no family relatives to take on her Cavalier, Rescue and Welfare stepped in. After a full Veterinary check-up, this dog is happily settled into a new home.

If you have the time to take on a rescue Cavalier, please see page "Rehome a Cavalier" for further information and Application Form.

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